We Develop and Commercialize New Agricultural Products

Green & Grow Inc.'s range of Agriplier® products is based on non-living, non-toxic, microbe derived by-products that have been specifically formulated to significantly improve many crops.

Agriplier® products can be easily integrated into seed treatment packages, as well as utilized as a soil amendment. Agriplier® can be used as an additive solution to both existing chemical and living biological products without negative interactions or concerns about flow-ability, plant-ability or impacting the performance of other products.

During independent field trial programs, GGI products were the #1 performing yield enhancement seed treatment product for Corn in 2013 and Soybean in both 2013 and 2014, increasing yield above and beyond the current commercial treatment package. Significant yield increases have also been obtained by using Agriplier® across a range of fruit and vegetable crops.

GGI is working with a limited number of industry partners and end-users to bring the Agriplier® Technology to market, such as via the integration of Agriplier® into existing product offerings.

Please Contact Us if you would like to discuss joining our group of partners or to apply to trial the Agriplier® products to observe their benefits first-hand.


  • Pinsker will play a lead consulting role in GGI’s ongoing commercial activities for its Agriplier® Technology, building on compelling field trial results across multiple crops and geographies;
  • Ms. Pinsker has spent her career in the agriculture industry, including 15 years with Monsanto and almost a decade with Bayer CropScience, latterly as Vice President of NA Business Development.

Austin, Texas. October 2015: Green & Grow Inc. (GGI) is pleased to announce that it has retained Diane Pinsker as Senior Business Advisor. In this role, Diane will have a lead consulting role in developing and executing GGI’s ongoing commercial strategy in relation to its Agriplier® Technology, focusing her efforts on finding the right partner to bring Agriplier® to the...


  • GGI has commissioned over 100 independent field trials of Agriplier® for the 2015 season across multiple crops, geographies and seed treatment base packages
  • Recent field trial visits by GGI’s agronomists have confirmed consistent early vigor benefits of Agriplier® Seed Treatment as observed in our 2013 and 2014 trials

Austin, Texas. August 2015: At the mid-point of our 2015 field trial program, Green & Grow Inc. (GGI) is pleased to be able to share some additional details regarding the scope of our independent trial program this year and its progress to date.

In total GGI has commissioned over 100 independent field trials of Agriplier® for 2015. Our trial program focuses on Corn and Soybean Seed Treatment, combining Agriplier® with multiple leading...