We Develop and Commercialize New Agricultural Products

Our first range of Agriplier™ products is based on non-living, non-toxic, microbe derived by-products which contain specific metabolites and stimulants that significantly improve many crops.

Agriplier™ products can be easily integrated into multiple seed treatment processes, as well as utilized as a soil amendment. As a non-living product, a key differentiator of Agriplier™ is that it can be used as an additive solution to both existing chemical and living biological products.

Notably, in the 2013 IPSA trials, GGI products were the #1 performing yield enhancement seed treatment product across both Corn and Soybean, increasing yield over the current commercial treatment package. Independent researchers also observe visual improvements in early season plant vigor.

GGI is working with a limited number of industry partners and end-users to bring the Agriplier™ Technology to market, whether via the distribution of Agriplier™ products or by integrating Agriplier™ Technology into existing product offerings.

Please Contact Us if you would like to discuss joining our group of partners or to apply to trial the Agriplier™ products in order to observe their benefits first-hand.

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Green & Grow Inc. (GGI) has raised an additional $6 million in Series B funding and secured Otter Capital as a significant new partner. Otter Capital’s expertise and investment capital will accelerate commercialization of GGI’s Agriplier™ technology, building on recent compelling field trial results across multiple crop types.

“Since our first meeting, we have been impressed with Otter Capital’s knowledge and commitment to the biological product space,” said Alan Sobba President and CEO of GGI. “We look forward to John’s valuable input and guidance as we work together to complete the commercialization of our exciting technology.”



At the mid-season point of its 2014 independently designed and run trial program, Green & Grow Inc. (GGI) is pleased to announce that the visual improvements to early season vigor delivered by its Agriplier™ seed treatment products has been noticed again this year as compared to both existing market standard seed treatments and a number of other competitive products.

During 2014, GGI is conducting seed treatment trials with multiple researchers and testing programs across crops including Corn, Soybeans, Cotton, and Canola and locations as varied as Ohio, Texas, Montana and California. These early results are encouraging, particularly given the clear performance gains across several different crops and a wide range of soil and weather conditions. The range of geographical and...