Agriplier® Technology

Agriplier® Technology is based on bio-derived compounds. GGI has developed the Agriplier® Technology for easy integration into seed treatment packages and for liquid application as a soil amendment. Agriplier® products are water soluble and can be applied simultaneously with fertilizers, nutrients or crop protection products.

Multiple products utilizing Agriplier® Technology have been developed for use across different crop types: for Agronomic Crops, Specialty Crops, Turf & Grasses and Re-vegetation projects.

As a Soil Conditioner Agriplier® products can be easily applied by any number of methods including via drip irrigation systems, root ball dip, side dressing, seed trench and flood irrigation. Only a single application around the time of planting is required.

As a Seed Treatment, GGI is working with a limited number of Seed Treatment specialists across each of the above areas in order to integrate Agriplier® Technology into existing seed treatment solutions.

Key Features

  • Available as a seed treatment or soil conditioner for use across a wide variety of crops
  • Only a single application at the time of planting is required
  • Supplied as a water soluble liquid allowing simple integration into existing application methods
  • Does not contain live micro-organisms therefore has a long shelf life, can be stored in a wide variety of conditions and has good compatibility with common chemicals
  • An "All-Natural" product that is non-toxic and easy to use and handle