Green & Grow Inc. (GGI) is dedicated to developing and commercializing biologically derived agricultural products that provide multiple benefits to farmers and users.

Our first range of Agriplier® products is based on non-living, non-toxic, microbe derived by-products which contain specific metabolites and compounds that significantly improve many crops.

Agriplier® products are water soluble and can be applied simultaneously with standard fertilizers, nutrients or crop protection products. Agriplier® has been extensively tested in multi-year, multi-location field trials across a wide range of geographies, environmental climates, crops and crop situations.

Agriplier® products are not inoculants and are non-living. They are easy to apply, have a long shelf life, and are not subject to the potential performance uncertainty inherent in the use of live micro-organisms and have good compatibility with common chemicals.

GGI is based out of Austin, Texas.