Agriplier® Seed Treatment field trials show significant visual differences in early season vigor across Corn, Soybeans and Canola.

At the mid-season point of its 2014 independently designed and run trial program, Green & Grow Inc. (GGI) is pleased to announce that the visual improvements to early season vigor delivered by its Agriplier® seed treatment products has been noticed again this year as compared to both existing market standard seed treatments and a number of other competitive products.

During 2014, GGI is conducting seed treatment trials with multiple researchers and testing programs across crops including Corn, Soybeans, Cotton, and Canola and locations as varied as Ohio, Texas, Montana and California. These early results are encouraging, particularly given the clear performance gains across several different crops and a wide range of soil and weather conditions. The range of geographical and climatic diversity will position GGI well for understanding the performance of its products in a variety of situations.

GGI looks forward to the yield results for its trials later this year. While each year of trials is different, the 2014 results are similar to the early performance gains during 2013 that subsequently resulted in compelling yield increases – notably GGI’s products ranking as the #1 performing yield enhancement seed treatment product across both Corn and Soybean in the 2013 IPSA trials.

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