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Agriplier® Technology continues to deliver compelling results across multiple independent field trial programs

  • Agriplier® was the top performing product for the second consecutive year in the 2014 IPSA Soybean seed enhancement trials;
  • Agriplier® also delivered strong results in Corn, adding an average of 3.4 Bu / Acre during the 2014 IPSA trials;
  • Yield enhancements achieved are additive to today’s market standard seed treatment technologies; Agriplier® integrates easily with these current treatments.

Austin, Texas. April 2015: Green & Grow Inc. (GGI) is pleased to announce that its Agriplier® Technology completed a second successful year of testing in the IPSA[1] Corn and Soybean Seed Treatment trials in addition to generating compelling results across a wide range of other crops and independent field trial programs.

GGI’s Agriplier® Seed Treatment was ranked 1st for overall yield increase out of the 23 products entered into the 2014 IPSA Soybean seed enhancement trials. This continues its success during the 2013 trials, where Agriplier® was the top performing product out of 19 products.

Agriplier® also performed strongly as a Seed Treatment for Corn, adding an average of 3.4 Bu / acre during the IPSA Corn seed enhancement trials. All trials were designed and conducted independently by expert researchers across multiple locations throughout the US and the yield gains delivered are additive to today’s market standard seed treatment technologies.

“We are obviously pleased to have continued to build on our success in last year’s field trials with these impressive new results,” said Green & Grow Inc. President & CEO Alan Sobba. “The IPSA trials as well as other research trials commissioned by GGI for the 2014 growing season continue to demonstrate that our Agriplier® Technology has a significant future as an additive solution to the Seed Treatment products on the market today. Furthermore, as a biologically derived non-living product, Agriplier® can easily be combined with both synthetic chemical and living biological seed treatment products that are in use today or currently under development.”

In addition to Corn and Soybean, Agriplier® has also demonstrated efficacy across independent field trials on additional crops such as Canola, Wheat and Cotton as well as on fruits and vegetables such as Broccoli and Strawberries.

GGI continues to increase the scope of its field trial program for the 2015 season, commissioning an increased number of trials in particular in our focus areas of Corn and Soybean, as well as in additional crops.

If you have any questions regarding GGI’s products, or to discuss our 2013 and 2014 field trial results in more detail, please contact Gregg Spivey at

[1] Independent Professional Seed Association