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Green and Grow CEO presents at Minot Field Days

Minot, ND

Gary Nijak Jr, CEO for Green and Grow Inc., spoke with farmers at the North Dakota State University North Central Research Extension Field Day. He discussed new biological technologies that could make a large impact on the agricultural industry.

The Field Day in Minot is a free event where the Research Extension Center and Agronomy Seed Farm staff share information on various projects underway at the center. Both producers and the public are invited to attend.

Mr. Nijak cautioned that with many new biological products entering the market, extensive testing is a key factor to consider before use. “Single year, individual location testing is not sufficient to evaluate the

efficacy of these products. Ask for information not only from your area in a single year but for information over multiple years and multiple locations.”

While caution was urged, Mr. Nijak noted that “we are entering an exciting new generation of biological products. With some proper due diligence, you will be able to find products that will increase the ROI of your farming operations.”

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