Green & Grow Inc. Agriplier® Technology continues to perform in field trials

· Agriplier® performed well again in multi-location field trials across a range of crops including corn, soybean, cotton, canola, and wheat

· Agriplier continues to have good performance indication in South American trials in soybeans

Austin, Texas. January 2017: Green & Grow Inc. (GGI) is pleased to announce that its Agriplier® Technology completed its fourth successful year of field trial testing in corn and soybeans, third year of field trials in canola and cotton, and second year of field trials in wheat. GGI has continued to advance these field trial efforts to increase the knowledge base associated with Agriplier®. Through this extensive trial work, Agriplier has been tested in over 200 trials in both corn and soybeans and over 100 trials in South America for soybeans

In addition to Corn and Soybean, Agriplier® has also demonstrated efficacy across independent field trials on additional crops such as Canola, Wheat and Cotton as well as on fruits and vegetables such as Broccoli and Strawberries.

GGI continues to evaluate Agriplier’s performance in South America for the winter 2016/spring 2017 growing season

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