Green & Grow Inc. announces that its products achieved leading results across both the IPSA Corn and Soybean Seed Treatment trials in their first year of entering the program

  • GGI tied for 1st place in the Soybean seed enhancement trials

    for overall yield increase; also achieved 1st place in the Corn seed enhancement trials for yield increase

  • Yield enhancement achieved is additive to the current market

    standard seed treatment technology

Green & Grow Inc. (GGI) is pleased to announce that its Agriplier™ and Rise Organic™ products had a very successful first year of testing in the IPSA Corn and Soybean Seed Treatment trials.

GGI products tied for 1st place in overall yield increase in soybeans and also achieved 1st place in overall yield increase in Corn. In total there were 19 entries for each set of trials from a range of leading seed treatment companies. All trials were designed and conducted independently by expert researchers across multiple locations throughout the US and were additive to current commercial seed treatment technology.

“We are obviously pleased to achieve these compelling results in our first year of joining the IPSA trials,”said Green & Grow Inc. President & CEO Alan Sobba. “The IPSA trials and GGI’s other commissioned research trials in 2013 demonstrate that our Agriplier™ Technology has a significant future as an additive solution to existing Seed Treatment products on the market today. We look forward to building and improving on this work during our 2014 research and trial programs.”

“It is great to see such interesting results from a new entrant to the IPSA seed treatment trials” added Greg Ruehle, CEO of the Independent Professional Seed Association. “IPSA is pleased that its Seed Treatment research program can play an important role in identifying and validating new technologies which our members can then put to use in the field.”

If you have any questions regarding GGI’s products, or to receive a copy of our overall 2013 field trial results summary, please contact us via info@greenandgrow.com

Press Contact:

Gregg Spivey